2014 SXSW Gaming Panel - We Are Player 1: Diversity in Gaming

Video games are a unique medium. Players assume roles, interact with worlds, and experience situations in ways that simply aren't possible in any other entertainment format. When it comes to character and situation design, limitless potential exists to connect players with a range of experiences unlike their own, while simultaneously empowering audiences with representations of themselves.

Despite this reality, patterns in modern game production often marginalize and degrade social groups many gamers fit into, missing an opportunity to expose all players to a wider range of real world experiences. We Are Player 1utilized song, poetry, photography, and lecture to guide the audience through an exploration of these ideas.

The presentation was dedicated to the memory of Matthew Crump, coordinator for the SXSW Gaming Expo and a prominent figure in the Austin game development community, who passed away one week before the events took place. Matthew was a champion for diversity in all facets of life and made significant efforts to increase opportunities for those underepresented within the gaming industry.


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